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Flight Disclaimers


“Stork Plate”, “Stork Cage”, and the associated logos used on this site are trademarks of The Stork Plate of California. The trademarks apply over all geographic regions since The Stork Plate is a business that sells products through the United States and internationally.


Safe Drone Operation

In short: It is the responsibility of the pilot and crew to operate drones safely. 

It is the complete responsibility of drone owners, remote pilots in control, people manipulating the controls, and other members of the flight crews to follow FAA laws and regulations and/or the laws and regulations applicable in the region the flight takes place. It is further the responsibility of the flight crew to fly safely and responsibly at all times and to follow manufacturer’s recommended protocols and maintenance.


Flying indoors

If flying indoors bear in mind that it does not mean you are immune from civil and criminal penalties that apply to any unsafe use, poor judgment, and aggressive behavior. Always fly safely and exercise good judgment.


Not legal advice

The Stork Plate are not lawyers and make no allusion to providing legal advice. Do not take any information from this site as legal advice, we do not provide that.

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